When considering what rooms or areas to remodel in your home, the guest bathroom should be high on your list. This is a room that is used by almost all that enter your home, especially houseguests that are staying overnight or for an extended period of time. If your guest bathroom is dated or tired, that often reflects on the rest of your home. Freshening up this room will increase the “wow factor” of your house and be appreciated by all your guests.

What to consider when planning a bathroom remodel

The footprint: Depending on the location and potential traffic to your guest bathroom, you may need to consider changing the footprint. Is there room for a tub? Should you add a small shower? Does it make sense to move the toilet to create more storage space? Keep in mind that moving plumbing lines is a significant and often costly process. That doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to change the layout of your bathroom without moving plumbing lines.

The details: Take some time to think through the features that will provide functionality as well as beauty to your guest bathroom. Small touches such as a shower bench, a toiletry niche, and a multi-function showerhead can provide pretty focal points that add ease of use for your guests. Consider long term use by adding assistant bars or wheelchair height fixtures if an elderly or handicapped guest may visit or if you plan to stay in this home for as long as possible.


Choosing materials and colors: Styles change over time and many circle back around into popularity. In reality, though, not all do. We’re pretty sure pale pink toilets will never be “the rage” again. When looking at materials such as tile, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and paint, consider neutral colors and pieces that are not too trendy or bold. This will give your new bathroom style longevity. You can add unique touches with artwork, textiles and decorator items.

ContractorMen and your Bathroom Remodel Project

When looking to start a bathroom remodel project, finding the right contractor is essential. ContractorMen brings to the table years of experience and can recommend smart solutions for every step of the remodeling process. Carefully considering your budget and your needs, they can expertly complete your bathroom remodel from start to finish. They are respectful of your home and family, perform all work promised and make sure you are happy in the end. You won’t find a more qualified, more honest contractor in the North Georgia area. Call (404) 801-5656 or contact ContractorMen online to request a free estimate on your bathroom remodel today.