Don’t pour boring old concrete when you can create a one of a kind, unique look to your driveway, sidewalk or deck with the addition of stamped concrete! Stamped concrete adds a decorative touch to many poured concrete applications. Not only can you choose a design that compliments your style, you can also choose a color to compliment the look of the surrounding structures or keep a balance in colors across your outdoor landscaping theme. Stamped concrete does not differ that much from regular concrete applications except you choose the design and color! It’s not that much more expensive to place stamped concrete either.

How is stamped concrete done?

Stamped concrete adds a decorative and rich finish to any concrete project. Call the stamped concrete experts at ContractorMen 3580 Polly's Bluff Cumming, GA 30028 for all your decorative concrete needs

There are a few different ways that we provide stamped concrete to your project. Our techniques have been time tested across a decade of use to withstand time. Not a lot of contractors can make a statement like that!

If colored concrete is what you desire, we either add the colorants to the concrete during the mixing process or we can add the colorants as a broadcast surface coat. Once the concrete mixture is placed into the project space and smoothed out across the area, before the concrete is set, we expertly and diligently apply the chosen pattern with silicone mats. It takes extra special attention to detail to ensure the decorative pattern you choose is placed well so the look is consistent across the space. Next, a release agent is applied to ‘release’ the silicone mats from the wet concrete. The color of the release agent helps complement the surface of the concrete by providing depth and tone between the valleys and peaks of the chosen pattern. After the concrete is set we pressure wash the remaining excess release agent off the slab and then apply our sealer to create a polished, finished look. Next, a hardener is applied to the concrete. Finally, after the stamped concrete slab is fully set and hardened off we remove the form boards from the edges of the slab and any remaining colorants are pressure washed from the slab.

Clients who choose to add color to their stamped concrete project are impressed with the variation in color and the richness that the process adds to their projects.

Uses for stamped concrete

A stamped concrete driveway says, you have arrived Call the stamped concrete experts at ContractorMen 3580 Polly's Bluff Cumming, GA 30028 to add a professional stamped concrete finish to your driveway, sidewalk or patio.There are many creative uses for stamped concrete. There is no minimum or maximum space to add the detailed nature of stamped concrete. Stamping your concrete will elevate your ordinary concrete into a work of art that elevates every project it is applied to:

  • Driveways and/or utilized as a border application alongside driveways
  • Sidewalks and Concrete Porches
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Under Deck Patios
  • Commercial Properties, Landscaping
  • Outdoor Living Areas, BBQ areas or Kitchen areas
  • Barn Walkout and, Livestock Wash-down Areas

Some have had concerns about the concrete surface being slick due to the appearance of the sealer. Not to worry, adding a stamping pattern in the concrete makes the surface less slick with rain, water and ice conditions.

Adding stamped concrete to your project is more affordable than you think and the effect and richness of the extra attention to detail in your concrete will more than make up for the extra cost of adding this unique and designer touch to your driveway, sidewalk, patio or deck!

Call (404) 801-5656 or contact the skilled and experienced contractors at ContractorMen to stamp your concrete and turn your plain-nothing-special-concrete project into a rich, unique look that will last for years to come!