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Tired Deck Transformation – Part 2

The journey continues! They say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” meaning beautiful things take time to build. Building things the right way takes not only the right materials, ones that are built to stand the test of time, but proper construction and attention to detail are also necessary. As promised, here’s a glimpse into […]

Tired Deck Transformation

Come along with us on a journey of sorts. This is a journey of hope, renewal, and rebirth. Well, we might be exaggerating a little, but hopefully, we have piqued your interest. Sit back and relax while we take you through the transformation of an old, tired back deck. Is Your Old Deck Safe? ContractorMen […]

Custom Firepit – the Perfect Fall Home Project

Interest rates are high, the housing market is experiencing low inventory, and home prices are skyrocketing. Many are choosing to stay in their current homes until things settle down. Those staying are considering home remodeling projects, but materials are also at an all-time high. A great high-yield, low-budget home project is adding a custom firepit […]

Enjoy Fall with a Deck Addition

There’s no question that fall is beautiful in Atlanta and North Georgia. Earlier cool temperatures this year, in particular, could lead to a show stopper of a beautiful season. Adding a new deck to your home is the perfect way to enjoy fall to the max. New Deck = New Space Adding a new deck […]

Is it Wood Rot or Termite Damage?

When there is a problem in your home, you want answers right away. Sometimes even the smallest issues can become a big ordeal, especially if not caught early enough. Knowing what to look for and having a contractor you can rely on is so important. When it comes to the wood in your home, there […]