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Front Door Refresh

A fantastic way to update your home is with a front door refresh. It can provide an instant curb appeal boost. Most homes are built with lower or middle-of-the-road builder quality materials. This includes the front door. If you live in a neighborhood, these doors are usually purchased in bulk and are identical to every […]


Affordable Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen in desperate need of an upgrade, but your budget is tight? Does it have good “bones” but feels outdated? Is the space small, making it hard for more than one person to cook and prep at the same time? The real question is – how do you go about planning what to […]

Deck Repairs – What to Expect

Your deck is an extension of your home. It’s where you can enjoy the great outdoors and the gorgeous Georgia weather. The bad news is that wooden decks don’t last forever. The even worse news is that many deck repair companies out there aren’t on the up and up. ContractorMen has some good news for […]

Home Outdoor Living Space Construction

2020 has undoubtedly been a year for the record books. With the pandemic affecting everyone worldwide, space at home is at a premium. Luckily, we live in the south where summer lazily stretches into fall and winter is short and sweet. This allows for Georgia homeowners to take advantage of the mild climate longer than […]

Upgrade your Patio and Upgrade your Life

Are you tired of your boring patio? Is it the standard builder-grade concrete slab located off of the back or side of your home? Does it lack character? ContractorMen is your local, North Georgia contractor that can upgrade your existing outdoor patio and transform it into a new space you will love. Patio Upgrades for […]

Finding and Creating Usable Space in Your Home

A top complaint from many homeowners, especially those with older homes, is a lack of storage space. The way we live has evolved, and often our homes cannot accommodate our needs. Think about it. We shop discount wholesale stores and stock up on bulky essentials such as paper products, frozen foods, and bulk fruits, veggies […]