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Adding a Deck to your Home

The weather has turned, and it’s beautiful outdoors. The pollen seems to have finished its onslaught, and it is finally time to enjoy our beautiful Georgia spring. Have you ever considered adding a deck to your home? The benefits are endless. Homeowners looking for added square footage or outdoor entertaining space should consider a deck […]

Wrought Iron Railing Install

When it comes to making a house a home, it’s often the small details that make a big impact. Most homes are built with generic “builder grade” elements that get the job done but are less than exciting. Many homeowners begin to change or upgrade small details to make their home unique and special as […]

Wood Burning Stove – A Fun Custom Remodeling Project

Of course, ContractorMen can complete every aspect of your home renovation or addition. But every once in a while, we are asked to execute a custom project special to our clients. We welcome these opportunities to be creative, work with our hands, and to build something unique for a homeowner. These projects are not only […]

Custom Home Renovations

Here’s a great custom home renovation story from a recent client that you just might relate to. This is a classic situation of, you don’t know it’s a problem until it is. A recent customer purchased a new home in Dawsonville. They loved the look, the location, and the size of this home. After excitedly […]

Front Door Refresh

A fantastic way to update your home is with a front door refresh. It can provide an instant curb appeal boost. Most homes are built with lower or middle-of-the-road builder quality materials. This includes the front door. If you live in a neighborhood, these doors are usually purchased in bulk and are identical to every […]


Affordable Kitchen Renovation

Is your kitchen in desperate need of an upgrade, but your budget is tight? Does it have good “bones” but feels outdated? Is the space small, making it hard for more than one person to cook and prep at the same time? The real question is – how do you go about planning what to […]