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Finding and Creating Usable Space in Your Home

A top complaint from many homeowners, especially those with older homes, is a lack of storage space. The way we live has evolved, and often our homes cannot accommodate our needs. Think about it. We shop discount wholesale stores and stock up on bulky essentials such as paper products, frozen foods, and bulk fruits, veggies […]

New Year, New Basement

We’ve all heard the expression, “New Year, New You!” The New Year brings with it the promise of a fresh start. We all have the chance to close one chapter of our lives and start a new chapter full of changes and hope for the future. For many, this opportunity means they might join a […]

Storm Damage Cleanup You Can Count On

Whenever I find myself flying back home to Atlanta, GA, I am always taken aback by how green our state is. The trees, in particular, stand out. Flying up and down the East Coast will surely emphasize how many beautiful trees we have in our neck of the country. Beautiful and big trees are a […]

Instant Curb Appeal with a Front Door Portico

If you haven’t already noticed, modern farmhouse is here to stay. Every new home built across metro Atlanta seems to look the same. They all share the same style, the same black framed windows and white board and batten siding. While these homes are beautiful, we cannot help but wonder how long this trend will […]

Deck Transformation Completed

We’re super excited to share this final finished deck and sunroom transformation product with you. Thanks for sticking with us! This wonderful client has enlisted our home renovation services before. Repeat customers are the highest form of compliment, in our opinion. Check out their most recent review of this deck transformation… Deck and Sunroom Contractor […]

Tired Deck Transformation – Part 2

The journey continues! They say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” meaning beautiful things take time to build. Building things the right way takes not only the right materials, ones that are built to stand the test of time, but proper construction and attention to detail are also necessary. As promised, here’s a glimpse into […]