We don’t typically think about driveways very often until they start causing a problem. Most driveways last a significant amount of time, depending on the materials used, the quality of the installation, and the maintenance and care put into it over the years. But often, a driveway can reach the end of the road – per se. Sometimes the best solution is to remove an old concrete or asphalt driveway and install a new one.

What you need to know about a new driveway installation

A new driveway can be a big project and one that involves expertise and knowledge. When getting a quote for a driveway installation, homeowners should expect a thorough evaluation of the current driveway, its issues, and the optimal footprint. If there are sinking areas, tree roots causing damage, or drainage issues, all of these problems should be evaluated and solutions included in the overall plan and quote.

Once the old driveway is removed, the most critical stage is next. A well-built, long-lasting driveway begins with a strong and solid foundation. This sub-base level needs to be correctly leveled with drainage considered. In addition, at a minimum, in order for a concrete driveway to be stable, wire mesh with fiberglass reinforcements need to be utilized. The recommended and most optimal foundation however would be a rebar grid with expansion joints. This combination makes for the most stable concrete driveway that is able to last the longest against swings in weather and temperature. Either way, preparation of the ground beneath and the building structure for a new driveway needs to be completed by an expert. 

Concrete Driveways

Most common in neighborhood settings, concrete driveways can sometimes last over 40 years. These types of installs require some time to cure – typically seven days before parking on them. Concrete driveways are popular in Georgia due to their light color, making them cooler in the hot summers. They are easy to clean. Pressure washing is a great way to refresh a concrete driveway. And they are pleasing to the eye.

New Driveway Installation with ContractorMen

When looking for a new driveway, consider ContractorMen. With decades of experience in the construction industry and many, many driveway installs under their belt, they can handle all aspects of your driveway installation. ContractorMen has the equipment on hand to remove your old driveway, prepare the sub-base and install a beautiful finished product. And, on top of that, they can provide unique stamped concrete options to any concrete driveway installation. Call (404) 801-5656 to discuss getting a quote from ContractorMen. While your driveway may not be the most exciting remodel project on your list, it is the first decorative aspect of your home that your family and guests will see.