What exactly is a retaining wall? Easy enough, it sounds just like it is. A retaining wall is constructed out of rigid materials structurally designed to retain or hold soil to a slope it would not naturally keep. This slope is usually very steep or vertical. Retaining walls hold or bind soil between two different elevations. For example, they are typically used on a hilly landscape where a flatter surface is desired. A backyard that butts up to a large slope or hill where rainwater erodes the soil could use a retaining wall to create a flat area for a usable backyard space and to keep grass from washing away constantly. Retaining walls can be used to create a basement or below-ground spaces. They are sometimes critical to keep a home’s foundation intact. Aesthetically, they are perfect for sunken gardens or terraced areas.

Building Retaining Walls

Simply building a wall and hoping it stays in place does not work when it comes to retaining soil. As you can imagine, soil is very heavy and the force of gravity very strong. An earth-retaining wall needs to be thoroughly planned out and built correctly. It’s sort of like a huge, complex math problem. Professional engineering expertise is required to create a wall that will last. Miscalculating the lateral pressure caused by the size and scale of the slope being retained can cause a weak wall that could bulge or even crumble, creating a giant mess. Proper draining must also be planned for, or erosion will continue to plague the landscape.

A structurally sound retaining wall should be designed and constructed by a pro that can factor in all the significant forces working against it.

Retaining Walls Built Right

Transform your unworkable incline or unusable outdoor space with a retaining wall designed and built by ContractorMen. Not only will it enhance the landscape of your property, but it will be a beautiful addition to the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Created with natural stone, brick, or man-made pavers, retaining walls can blend into any yard allowing homeowners the opportunity to grow grass and natural landscaped areas. If your lot is especially hilly or you’re looking for an area for the kids to play soccer in the backyard, consider a retaining wall from ContractorMen. With experience in this specialized skill, you can trust your wall will stand the test of time while adding beauty to your home. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.