When you purchased your home, the unfinished basement was an added bonus. It was potential for extra square footage, additional house value, and a chance to create a space all your own. Now that you are ready to finish your basement, the task can be overwhelming. There is much to be done, and you want it done right. Where do you begin and how do you plan?

Basement Layout and Design

Depending on the current state of your unfinished basement, floorplan layout may be necessary. From framing to drywall, a thoughtful flow of space with ample lighting in each room is essential. The average homeowner must rely on an experienced contractor to guide them towards optimal basement floorplan design. Consider what you wish to accomplish with your basement. Is a guest bedroom needed? Will plumbing be necessary for a bathroom, a bar, or a full kitchen? Who will use the space the most? Thinking through all these questions and more can ensure the best finished basement at the end of the remodeling process.

Finish Your Basement with ContractorMen

From design to the final details, ContractorMen is your one-stop-shop contractor to finish your basement. They can and will transform that blank canvas into a space you’ll never want to leave. Whether you need a single room remodeled, a bathroom or bar addition or a complete basement finished, ContractorMen has the expertise to get it done right. Quality workmanship goes into every step of the construction process. ContractorMen uses the finest materials and can guide you towards smart choices. They have a flair for design and will leave you happy with your newly finished basement.

This recent basement finishing project included wall built-ins, windows, built-in cabinets, a linen closet, laundry space, and a complete kitchen featuring space expansion pullouts. This basement is a stand-alone living space of its own, perfect for an in-law suite or an extended guest visit (hopefully not your college student coming back home to live). ContractorMen would love to discuss your basement finishing needs and provide a free quote. Spend some time on ContractorMen.com and check out the gallery images. Visit their Houzz page with completed projects and reviews. Schedule an appointment online or call (404) 801-5656 today and get ready to start enjoying your newly finished basement space.