As a full service contractor that can handle all aspects of any type of remodeling job, we are also experts in ADA compliant remodeling. With the passing of the “Americans with Disabilities Act” or ADA by Congress in 1987, all new commercial construction of public buildings must be accessible for those in wheelchairs or that use walkers. Personal properties, such as homes are not required to meet ADA guidelines however for many disabled homeowners, remodeling has made life so much better. By increasing their independence and reducing frustrations, handicapped accessible homes are becoming more popular.

ADA Requirements

The guidelines set forth by the ADA focus on accessibility and mobility. Low or even thresholds, wider hallways and doorways and entry ramps are some of the typical remodeling features incorporated into an ADA compliant home. Some examples of accessible modifications are…

  • Extra wide doorways (36 inches) that swing outward allowing a wheelchair or walker to fit through
  • Even thresholds that wheelchairs can glide over and don’t increase tripping hazards
  • Open areas that can accommodate a 360-degree turn by a wheelchair (typically a 5 food diameter clearance)
  • Knobs changed to lever handle sets and switches placed low enough for use by someone from a seated position
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Wall mounted grab bars in strategic areas like the shower and near the toilet
  • Lever type faucets that are easy to use
  • Door locks that can be opened from the outside in case of emergency

Never forget Design

Often when one thinks of handicap accessible living spaces, they envision a hospital type room. The great news is that ADA accessible design can be as beautiful as any typical home design. With the right kind of building materials and an eye for design, we can create a home that works for you and looks beautiful at the same time. Of course, our services are turnkey. From design to plumbing, electrical and the final finishes, we do it all. One call to ContractorMen is all it takes. Reduce the stress of remodeling while increasing the functionality of your home with ADA renovations. We are accessibility experts. Our goal is to increase the comfort and safety of your home for your disabled loved ones. They can be more independent and able to perform daily activities much easier. Let’s discuss your handicap accessibility needs. If you have a brick and morder business that needs to be brought up to ADA code, we can assist with that as well.

Increasing your quality of life with an ADA remodel can also increase the value of your home. Call (404) 801-5656 or contact ContractorMen online today to discuss how we can put our expertise to work for you.