Build an outdoor fireplace with ContractorMen and enjoy the glow of a fire year round.

There is nothing quite like sitting around the warm glow of a fire on a crisp, cool evening, roasting dogs and marshmallows. Wouldn’t a nice outdoor fireplace make a great addition to your home? Now, when we say a nice fireplace, we mean nice. This does not include digging a hole and throwing a couple rocks and lawn chairs around it. It also does not mean picking up a cheap metal pit at the local mart that will eventually rust. A permanent fireplace should be crafted from the finest materials that will stand the test of time and look good, inviting you to sit and stay awhile.

Outdoor Fireplace DesignBuild an outdoor fireplace with ContractorMen and enjoy the glow of a fire year round.

Depending on the layout of your home’s outdoor areas and topography, finding the right spot for an outdoor fireplace is essential. Planning the location is critical for access and function. Designing the fireplace in a grassy area or on a patio requires it to compliment the style and colors of the exterior of your home.

In the north metro and suburban Atlanta area, ContractorMen has been building custom outdoor fireplaces and living areas for over 38 years. Every design is different, unique to the individual’s style and budget. Each is designed to look beautiful, extend the square footage of the home and increase the home value and aesthetics. But most of all, fireplaces are an excellent way to bring people together.

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Ready to pull the trigger and add an outdoor fireplace to your home? You won’t be disappointed with the quality workmanship of ContractorMen. Take some time to look over recent projects and customer reviews on Houzz and visit the fireplace gallery on to spark some ideas. Contact ContractorMen online or call (404) 801-5656 to request a free estimate. If you want the best fireplace on the block, ContractorMen is your Georgia contractor.