There is a tinge of fall in the air here in Georgia. The evenings feel a little cooler and the breeze a little stronger. It may still be hot outside, but cooler temps are just around the bend. Fall in the south is a glorious time of year. Outdoor entertaining is still possible. But once winter arrives, the party needs to come indoors. If you have a basement, it can serve as the perfect gathering location during colder months. Adding a basement bar to your entertaining space can be beneficial in many ways.

A Basement Bar makes life Easier

When you entertain guest in your basement, life is so much easier with the addition of a basement bar. Added plumbing alone can be a game changer. A bar with a sink and/or dishwasher can keep you from having to trek up and down the stairs all night long to get to the kitchen. With a dishwasher right there, cleanup can be a breeze. Storage cabinets can hold dishes, glasses and serving trays. A mini or beverage fridge can hold soda, beer, wine, and any other cold items. The possibilities are endless. Many consider a small ice maker or a microwave when planning a basement bar. All these items increase the functionality of the bar making your life easier and giving you more opportunity to enjoy your get together.

Add Style with a Basement Bar

When building a basement bar, you can be a little more creative with style. A fun, entertaining space often calls for a different décor than the main living space in a home. When planning a basement bar, you can choose unique touches for the cabinets, the tile or the lighting. Barn wood accents or retro themes are very popular. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box a little.

Increase your Home Value

There is no doubt that a finished basement is a sure way to add value to your home. It is built in added square footage. The addition of a basement bar will also increase your home’s value. The storage as well as the features of the bar increase functionality as well as appeal to potential buyers. Just like any part of your home, a basement bar should be constructed with quality materials and workmanship.

In the north Georgia area, ContractorMen in Dawsonville has been remodeling homes for over 35 years. They have the experience and knowledge to build a basement bar in your home that will impress. Everything they build is top notch. ContractorMen is a turn-key, full-service general contractor that is reliable and efficient. Call (404) 801-5656 today or contact ContractorMen online to get a free estimate. You’ll be ready to entertain this winter and all year long.