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Remodeling Resolution

How’s that New Year’s Resolution going? Now that we have reached the end of the first month of 2018 are you where you want to be? For so many of us, resolutions are hard to maintain. On January 1st we were motivated and excited. By February 1st we are faltering. The good news is that […]

It’s Time to consider a Retaining Wall

Winter may be upon us right now, but spring is right around the corner. And what always comes with spring is lots of rain showers. Of course, rain is essential for all the beautiful budding flowers, the leaves bursting from the trees and the green grass growing, but it can also be a nightmare. In […]

Get your Home Holiday Ready for Guests

It’s that time of year again that so many of us look forward to. The Holidays! It’s that magical time when we find ourselves feeling extra joyful. We spend time shopping for the perfect gift for loved ones, feasting on wonderful meals and spending time socializing with friends, neighbors and family. The holidays are a […]

House Damage and Insurance Claims

Damage to your home can be devastating and nearly impossible to plan for. Whether your water pipes burst, a tree falls on your roof or a severe storm damages your house, dealing with these issues can be exhausting. If the damage has made your home unlivable, that is the first thing that needs to be […]

Add Farmhouse Style to Your Home

With the holiday’s right around the corner, many like to spruce up their homes this time of year. Fall is here and homeowners are itching to change things up around the house. Farmhouse style has been “in” for a long time now with no indication of going away any time soon. Adding small elements of […]

Remodeling – take some time to think it through

You’ve saved up your funds and are ready to finally get started on that home kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. You’ve talked with neighbors and friends about what you want to do. You’ve scoured the internet for pictures and ideas of how you want it to look. You may have even picked out fixtures, furniture […]