Here’s a great custom home renovation story from a recent client that you just might relate to. This is a classic situation of, you don’t know it’s a problem until it is. A recent customer purchased a new home in Dawsonville. They loved the look, the location, and the size of this home. After excitedly moving in, they discovered a major issue that threatened their love for this home and their ability to enjoy part of it. And they really wouldn’t have known about this problem until after moving in and living there for some time.

Renovation Issues



The home this customer purchased has a gorgeous covered porch that they planned to use for outdoor grilling and gathering. When they moved in and set up their grills and outdoor furniture, they soon discovered an issue. Their dream house was situated so that the prevailing wind patterns drove rain, mist, and fog right onto their covered porch. This not only made grilling out a hassle but, in addition, their outdoor cooking equipment and furniture were frequently doused in water during inclement weather. Being a covered porch, you would assume it would stay dry.

Custom Renovations from ContractorMen

ContractorMen solved the issue by building a shed type roof over the stairs that lead to the porch, where most of the water collected. Making sure the new roof matched the current roof, ContractorMen installed a metal roof with a bead-board ceiling and batten strips. This new roof seamlessly matched the existing roofline and looks just as gorgeous as the rest of the house. ContractorMen also installed cedar braces on the roof’s rakes to provide necessary support without having columns going all the way to the ground. Now this family happily is enjoying their beautiful home again and looking forward to many wonderful outdoor meals.

If you have something in your home that just isn’t working, something inconvenient you’ve been dealing with for years, ContractorMen will likely come up with a solution no matter what the issue. Factoring in your concerns, the look of your home, your budget, and code requirements often requires a creative solution. ContractorMen has the knowledge and experience to do just that. Call 404-801-5656 today or fill out the online quote form to discuss your home renovation needs and start enjoying your home to it’s fullest.