Is your kitchen in desperate need of an upgrade, but your budget is tight? Does it have good “bones” but feels outdated? Is the space small, making it hard for more than one person to cook and prep at the same time? The real question is – how do you go about planning what to renovate? What can stay and be refinished and what needs to be replaced? How should you configure for optimal space? And is it affordable? OK, that was more like four questions, but all are essential when planning a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovation with ContractorMen

The simple answer to an affordable kitchen renovation is ContractorMen. With years of remodeling experience, David Walters, owner of ContractorMen, can help with every aspect of your project. He can offer insight into the current state of your cabinets, flooring, countertops, and more. Are they quality material that can last years to come, or are they in need of replacement? He can also offer expertise in optimal space configuration and flow. The placement of the essentials – the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator – the “kitchen work triangle” needs to be placed just far enough apart for space to work and just close enough together to be efficient. If you’ve ever cooked in a kitchen with an inefficient work triangle, you’ll attest to how vital this placement is. It is critical to consider this when moving things around during a kitchen renovation.
David and his crew will help guide you through the process, help with questions or concerns, and leave you with a turn-key kitchen. They can handle all aspects of all systems in your home that need work. Trust ContractorMen to help you find the kitchen renovation solution that fits your budget and your desires.

A Recent Kitchen Renovation by ContractorMen

Before ContractorMen renovated:

This affordable kitchen renovation included reconfiguring the refrigerator location, removing the corner wall column, updating the countertops, the backsplash, and the flooring, and painting some cabinets. The updated space is more open, functional, and up to date.

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