If you haven’t already noticed, modern farmhouse is here to stay. Every new home built across metro Atlanta seems to look the same. They all share the same style, the same black framed windows and white board and batten siding. While these homes are beautiful, we cannot help but wonder how long this trend will last. And as we all know, trends do tend to come and go.

So what is a homeowner, especially a homeowner of an older home, supposed to do? You can’t possibly alter your home to fit every new trend. You also don’t want your home to look too outdated. This is where small but significant impact updates can really make a difference. One we highly recommend is a new front door or portico. This renovation can instantly up your curb appeal and keep your home looking less dated.

Portico Addition

Curb appeal is important. Don’t you want to feel pride when your home comes into view? Don’t you love it when someone notices your home’s beauty and all the hard work you have put into it? Of course you do! We all do. A new paint job, updated landscaping, and a portico addition are great ways to update your home easily and affordably.

A portico addition is a project that requires a general contractor with experience. Matching the look of your current home and building the right proportion is critical. ContractorMen has decades of experience finding the right materials and creating a design that fits the size of your home. This most recent project is a perfect example of instant curb appeal with a portico. We can’t wait to see how these happy homeowners decorate their new space for the upcoming holiday season.