Come along with us on a journey of sorts. This is a journey of hope, renewal, and rebirth. Well, we might be exaggerating a little, but hopefully, we have piqued your interest. Sit back and relax while we take you through the transformation of an old, tired back deck.

Is Your Old Deck Safe?

ContractorMen received a request from a client we have helped in the past, looking for recommendations on their current back deck. This deck had seen better days but had also been used quite often by the homeowners. They wanted to refresh the deck and confirm it was structurally sound. Knowing that deck contractors can often be fly-by-night, here today, gone tomorrow, they called us for honest answers. With decades of experience in construction and insurance, David Walters, owner of ContractorMen, is always ready to offer honest evaluations and solutions.

Time for a New Deck

Upon inspection, it was determined that the best and safest option would be a complete replacement. The age and condition of the old deck were too far gone to replace certain parts and have a deck with longevity. So, work began in earnest. Stay tuned for the rest of this ongoing adventure in our next blog.