The journey continues! They say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” meaning beautiful things take time to build. Building things the right way takes not only the right materials, ones that are built to stand the test of time, but proper construction and attention to detail are also necessary. As promised, here’s a glimpse into the next stage of this gorgeous back deck transformation.

The Top is just as important as the Bottom

Of course, the foundation of any deck is essential. If your deck builder doesn’t emphasize the importance of the bottom of your deck, you may want to consider another builder. The aesthetic of your deck is important, but the foundation, the base, and the support system underneath are critical. This deck has strong footings and a solid construction underneath to ensure the safety of anyone that uses it. It is strong enough to support furniture, a grill, and many people. In addition, the covered portion on top is just as significant. Quality construction of the covered portion’s roof is essential for the durability of this deck.

It’s Almost Time to Enjoy

As you can see, things are coming together very nicely. This beautiful deck will be ready for summer use. This family will enjoy years and years of fun memories in this space. Stay tuned for the final product coming your way in our next month’s blog. Then consider ContractorMen for your next deck reconstruction, room addition, basement finishing, or any home renovation project you are considering.