What happens when the weather is bad, and you invite guests over to your house – and you have no portico? They get wet while waiting for you to answer the door. A portico is a welcoming space that provides shelter from the storms. There is something that just feels homey about this space. It provides a transitional threshold before entering a house. It also helps protect the front door from inclement weather and the hot sun that can damage and peel paint. It protects wreaths, seasonal décor, and potted plants and flowers.

An Instant Update with a Portico

Many folks would say a home isn’t complete without a front porch or portico, especially those in the south. Adding a portico to a home can really boost the curb appeal, changing the whole look of the house. Any construction addition to the front of a home needs to be done right. Matching or coordinating materials to the original structure is critical to the final product looking seamless. The size and scale of a portico addition must also fit with the existing house. A structure that is too large or too small can throw off the whole look of the home. A portico addition should look like it was built when the house was built.

ContractorMen Portico Project

This beautiful home was in need of a front entry refresh, and the homeowners hired ContractorMen to complete the project. Working with their vision and budget, a covered front door portico with matching black metal roofing and brand new double doors enhanced the look of this entire home. The front entrance is more protected and welcoming to all that pay a visit. Adding a portico is a project that provides a “big bang for your buck.” It is well worth the investment.

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