A fantastic way to update your home is with a front door refresh. It can provide an instant curb appeal boost. Most homes are built with lower or middle-of-the-road builder quality materials. This includes the front door. If you live in a neighborhood, these doors are usually purchased in bulk and are identical to every other home on the block. Remodeling your front door can change the look of the whole front of your home. It is already a focal point; why not make it a beautiful one that reflects your style and helps your home stand out from the rest?

Front Door Remodeling Project

This recent ContractorMen remodeling project removed a single front door and the sidelights, replacing it with a gorgeous double door. There is something so inviting about a grand double door entrance. But most Atlanta area homes are built with the standard single door frame. The good news is that very often, with the removal of the single door and the two sidelights – a double entry door can fit. This makes a front door refresh more affordable as the door opening size does not need to be modified.

New Front Door from ContractorMen

This remodeling job is an excellent option for folks looking for a significant impact on curb appeal without a big renovation. Builder quality doors are often the wrong proportion, making the front of a house look not quite right. A double door addition gives the allusion of a broader door that will fit the size of your home correctly. A beautiful wood stained finish and quality hardware make the project complete. Call ContractorMen today to discuss your front door curb appeal renovation at (404) 801-5656 or online. Make your house the home you’ve always wanted in 2021.