Your deck is an extension of your home. It’s where you can enjoy the great outdoors and the gorgeous Georgia weather. The bad news is that wooden decks don’t last forever. The even worse news is that many deck repair companies out there aren’t on the up and up. ContractorMen has some good news for you. First, though, there are some important things to consider when hiring a professional for deck repair.

Deck Repair – Is yours up to code?

Building codes are created to enforce proper and safe home construction and remodeling practices. Every area has different building codes. And as the years go by, regulations change. If your current deck was built before new local codes, it could potentially not meet the requirements. In other words, you may be looking for some simple deck repairs, but it might be necessary to tear down your current deck and rebuild it. This can sometimes be a smarter option than attempting to bring an old deck up to code, especially if it is in disrepair. Don’t be tempted to hire a deck repair company willing to repair your deck without meeting current regulations. If they are willing to cut corners and be dishonest about that, what else might they be doing when it comes to repairing your deck? It never pays to cut corners. There is always a reason those companies are the lowest quote.

Deck Repair by ContractorMen

Now for the good news! ContractorMen is ready to thoroughly inspect your current deck and offer a quote for repairs to a full rebuild (up to code) depending on your situation. Having been in the construction business for over 37 years, you can trust that ContractorMen will do right by you. There will be no corners cut.

Check out these before and after pictures of a recent deck and patio build completed by ContractorMen.



*Keep in mind that pressure-treated wood used in quality deck construction requires at least six months to cure before stain or paint can be applied.

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