Are you tired of your boring patio? Is it the standard builder-grade concrete slab located off of the back or side of your home? Does it lack character? ContractorMen is your local, North Georgia contractor that can upgrade your existing outdoor patio and transform it into a new space you will love.

Patio Upgrades for Peace of Mind at Home

Many people are looking for an affordable way to add value and usable space to their homes. Now that more are working and schooling from home, space is at a premium. Adjusting to the changes 2020 and the pandemic have brought has been stressful. Creating the right environment at home is critical, and that can mean extra space is needed. Upgrading an outdoor patio can provide an extra space to work from or escape to. It is also an affordable option for many that have a budget in mind.

This blank slate back patio was a recent project that brought an immediate aesthetic appeal to this customer’s home.

Increase the space and improve the aesthetics of your home with a Patio Upgrade from ContractorMen.

Using the existing foundation saved the homeowner money and allowed room in the budget for other amenities. Note the unique elements added by ContractorMen, including skylights, a unique tongue and groove ceiling, an economical masonry fire pit from a kit, a separate slab for the grill, and matching gutters and downspouts. In addition, gas lines were installed directly to the grill and the firepit, making dinner and relaxation time readily available with the turn of a knob.

Affordable Patio Upgrade

Increase the space and improve the aesthetics of your home with a Patio Upgrade from ContractorMen.

Quality construction can be expensive. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. ContractorMen has been serving the North Georgia area for over 37 years because they are good at what they do and provide quality construction for every single project. Call (404) 801-5656 or request a quote online to get started today. This type of patio upgrade is an affordable option if your budget is tight. ContractorMen will give you honest answers to your budget question and help you determine where you can save money and where you cannot. They will never cut corners and always leave their customers with a turn-key, fully finished quality built final product.