When there is a problem in your home, you want answers right away. Sometimes even the smallest issues can become a big ordeal, especially if not caught early enough. Knowing what to look for and having a contractor you can rely on is so important. When it comes to the wood in your home, there are two common issues homeowners should be aware of – wood rot and termite damage. Damage to the wood in your walls or ceilings can put the integrity of your home in question. Here are the key factors you need to know when determining if you have wood rot or termite damage in your wood.

What is the difference between wood rot and termite damage?

Termites are tiny pests that live in the soil surrounding your home. When they find a way in, through a small crack or crevice, they feed on the cellulose in your wood.


Wood rot is caused by oxygen, moisture (maybe a leak), and warmth leading to the formation of fungi that essentially eat away at the wood. Both cause similar damage but in different ways, and both need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Wood Rot vs. Termite Damage

Wood rot can be either wet or dry and usually makes the wood look darker and feel spongy. A portion of the wood may easily fall off when touched. Dry rotted wood will easily break or collapse and feel hollow. There is also a distinctive smell to wood rot.

When consuming wood, termites work from the inside out, causing a wavy effect. Much like a cork, termite damaged wood will have speckling and hollowed out areas. Conditions that make wood rot are similar to those that attract termites, so they often go hand in hand.

Repairing Wood Damage

If you are currently experiencing a termite infestation, call an exterminator. Getting that under control is a crucial first step. Some exterminators will come out immediately for an urgent need. Once that is handled, determining the full extent of the damage is necessary. This is true for wood rot as well. Call on the experts at ContractorMen. With decades of experience, they can provide the best plan of action. Many homes with wood damage require “exploratory repairs,” meaning the full extent of the damage will need to be determined by removing walls or ceilings to see how far it goes. Having an expert you trust is essential. ContractorMen will give it to you straight. You’ll get honest answers and real solutions for repairing your home. You’ll never have to worry about getting “taken for a ride” with false information. And you can rest assured that your home will be put back together stronger and better than it started. Call (404) 801-5656 or contact ContractorMen online to get started on getting rid of that damaged wood in your home for good.