Adding a custom fireplace mantel to any home is a sure-fire way to add beauty. Most homes come with a standard builder quality mantel that often lacks character or style. They are exactly the same in each house on your street. These prefabricated mantels are usually standard issue, boring, and nothing great to look at. But a fireplace mantel is a focal point that should reflect the style and charm of your home. Upgrading your mantel can be a fantastic way to add instant appeal without a huge expense or evasive construction project.

Update an Outdated Mantel

An old or outdated mantel can make a home feel out of style. Certain eras of brick or stone can quickly show off how old a mantel, and home, really is (the 1970s comes to mind). In many cases, an older fireplace can be painted for an instant update, and a new mantel added on. But what style goes well with the rest of your house? An excellent place to start when considering a mantel update is Pinterest. Many folks get inspiration on what type of look they prefer from the plethora of images on Pinterest. Stained reclaimed wood mantels are quite popular these days but can also stand the test of time. Often built from unique pieces of wood, these mantels are an upgrade special to each individual home.

ContractorMen can create a custom fireplace mantel that fits your desires. Whether you need a real wood, solid mantel, or a faux wood, lightweight one, we will make it beautiful. David Walters, the owner of ContractorMen, is a true artisan that can handcraft a mantel like no other. He can procure the wood, build the mantel, stain it and install it for a custom finished final product. From elegant to rustic, wood, or masonry, he can build all types of mantels. Check out several custom-made past projects.

Jazz up your home with a brand-new custom mantel from ContractorMen. Create the look you love. This project was a custom build. The homeowner provided the first image of a mantel and our team created the second image as the final product. Contact ContractorMen to get started on a beautiful fireplace mantel you are sure to love.